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Boston Fire Department

Boston Fire Department

The Boston Fire Department has a very long and rich history. Fire prevention efforts began in 1631, one year following the establishment of the city. It was at this time that the first fire safety regulations were adopted. The small city prohibited the use of wooden chimneys and thatched roofs, as these architectural features were known fire hazards. Despite this early start, an official fire engine was not established until 1653.

This small fire department developed pressure for the use of water lines and actively began responding to fires. Today, the Boston Fire Department is a successful department that focuses on the prevention and suppression of fires. It provides emergency services to over 645,000 residents living in this large city and also aids in the suppression of fires in over 30 surrounding neighborhoods. 

In addition to fire prevention and fire suppression, the Boston Fire Department responds to many other types of emergencies, including floods, hazardous spills, motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, and electrical hazards. When responding to these types of emergencies, firefighters are not only concerned with suppressing fire, but providing individuals with necessary emergency medical services and controlling the situation. The Boston Fire Department maintains a number of different divisions, including training, fire suppression, and information and technology.

In addition to the primary headquarters, the Department also has a number of stations located throughout the city. Throughout its history, the Department has fought many historic fires, including the Great Fire of 1760 and the Great fire of 1872. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact Boston lawyers.

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