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Florida Department of Education

The Florida Department of Education (FL DOE) is the agency of the State Government tasked with oversight over the administrative and quality control issues of the Florida public educational system. The FL DOE headquarters can be located in Tallahassee, in Suite 1514 of the Turlington Building at 325 West Gaines Street.
Queries and concerns related to the Florida Department of Education can be answered or addressed in person, or, as an alternative, people may call the FL DOE number at (850) 245-0505, or send a fax to (850) 245-9667. Among other things, the FL DOE ensures that the various public schools under its supervision retain their adherence to the set standards for academic performance levels set by the State Government. In this regard, FL DOE-approved tests are carried out for students in these facilities to guarantee the success of the curriculum.
The acting authority over the FL DOE is Commissioner of Education Eric J. Smith. The authority of the Commissioner was modified and to some degree lessened within the general FL DOE system in 1998, according to revisions passed through the Florida Constitution Revision Commission. An amendment to the Florida Constitution, Article IV, Section IV, passed in this year and became effective after five years, took the responsibility for appointing the FL DOE Commissioner away from the direct approval of the electorate, allowing the Governor to directly select the Commissioner and generally to exercise authority over the FL DOE. 



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