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There are many rights afforded to individuals that are a part of the workforce in North Carolina. Many of the same rights, as well as some additional rights, apply to retirees and those looking for employment in North Carolina. The NC Department of Labor will work with other Government agencies to ensure that those rights are not violated. Also contact a labor lawyer to protect your rights.

For example, job seekers can be denied an offer of a job for many legitimate reasons. Perhaps a job seeker does not have the required skills or they require too high of a salary. However, there are many other reasons that job seekers may be denied a job offer, many of which are illegal. 

The competition for jobs is now tougher than ever and individuals may have to fill out many more jobs applications than they had to in the past in order to get a job offer. The NC Department of Labor can sometimes assist individuals in locating jobs for which they may be qualified.

However, many job seekers are confronted with discrimination, which may prevent them from getting job offers. One of the most prevalent forms of discrimination faced by job seekers is age discrimination. It is often necessary for individuals to work past retirement age in order to support themselves. However, many employers fail to hire an individual simply based on their age, which is illegal. However, it is legal to deny a job applicant if they are physically unable to perform a job, which can sometimes occur as an individual ages.