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Illinois Department of Labor

Illinois Department of Labor


The Illinois Department of Labor investigates allegations that the rights of a worker, retiree or an individual looking for work have been violated. Those that are looking for work face different issues than they had just a few years ago. Not only is it much more difficult to find employment, but there are also many employment scams currently at play. The Illinois Department of Labor investigates these types of issues, in concert with other Government agencies. Also contact a labor lawyer to protect your rights.

There are some scams in which entities pose as companies offering employment. For instance, there may a website which is created to look like an authentic employer when, in fact, it is a data mining website. As potential employees fill in their information, they may notice odd requests, such as a request for a social security number. It is always best to confirm the authenticity of a website before entering such information. While some legitimate employers may request such information in order to run a credit check, that request should not come until there is an offer of employment.

The Illinois Department of Labor has also investigated offers of employment which required that the job seeker pay a fee. For example, job seekers may provide credit card information for a list of employers in the area that have job openings. While there are legitimate job sites which require users to pay, those sites can easily be authenticated and should only be used once research has been conducted. 

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