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Indiana Department of Revenue


The Indiana Department of Revenue is the principal tax collection agency in the State of Indiana. This agency is responsible for upholding the Indiana law regarding taxation, tax collection, and payment throughout the State. This agency is also responsible for implementing new types of taxes that are created and for making sure that these taxes are fair when it comes to the overall community.

The goal of the Indiana Department of Revenue is to ensure that taxes are collected and effectively processed in an organized manner.This particular Department is also aimed towards providing comprehensive legal information regarding taxes, what has to be filed, and when, in order to ensure that individuals do not incur unnecessary fines or legal action because they were not aware of the specific dates.

At this juncture in history, the Indiana Department of Revenue is also attempting to move a good portion of the tax collection program into the software age. One implementation that has been made is that many new businesses or ones that require specialized taxes are required to use tax software in order to file their information. This is to help cut down on paperwork, cut down on loss of important information, ensure quick and easy filing, and develop a record of the process.

The Indiana Department of Revenue processes individual and business taxes. It also handles motor vehicle taxation and other specialized taxation that is required by the State of Indiana, and often throughout the nation. 



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