Quick Outline of the DEA

Quick Outline of the DEA

Quick Outline of the DEA
Drug Enforcement Agency
The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) works under the United States Federal Government in order to keep illicit drugs off the streets, while preventing crimes which result form the manufacture and distribution of drugs. The Agency handles illicit street drugs, as well as prescription medications that have been illegally obtained.
DEA Number
A DEA number is assigned to individuals that can prescribe medications so that the DEA can then track the amount of controlled dangerous substance prescriptions are written by each doctor. If the amount or prescription seems excessive, the DEA may investigate the health care provider and their patients.
DEA Agents
DEA agents can often be identified by their uniform. However, when a DEA agent is working undercover or patrolling the streets, they may be in plain clothes. In that case, it is best to ask for a DEA badge if someone identifies themselves as a Federal agent.
DEA License
A DEA license can be used to track prescription medications around the United States. In order to prevent doctors from abusing the power to write prescriptions, the DEA will investigate a doctor when they believe the doctor is writing too many prescriptions for controlled and dangerous substances. 




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