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Michigan Department of Labor


The Michigan Department of Labor is in place in order to protect the rights of workers across the State. They also ensure that workers get the benefits to which they are entitled as a result of paying taxes, including social security taxes and payroll taxes.

The Michigan Department of Labor works to ensure that each employee and employer in the State is making the proper contribution to taxes. For example, they may investigate employers that they suspect of paying people off the books. When employees are paid off the books, they are not paying taxes, nor is the employer. This avoidance of taxes is a serious offense.

In addition to preventing the State from collecting their fair share of taxes, the Federal Government does not get their fair share either. This is a form of tax evasion that can include serious criminal penalties and fines. In fact, individuals found guilty of such an offense would also be responsible for back taxes, penalties and fees on those taxes. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact Michigan lawyers.

When employers do not contribute to taxes, their employees are also prevented from receiving the rights and benefits to which they are entitled. Those rights include access to unemployment benefits if the employee should be laid off or fired. In addition, those rights include social security benefits at retirement, which will not be paid if the employee did not pay into them. Also contact a labor lawyer to protect your rights.