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Pennsylvania Department of Health

The Pennsylvania Department of Health is the Cabinet-level Department that is responsible for overseeing public health in the State of Pennsylvania. The PA Department of Health has been working to improve the lives of Pennsylvanians since it was created by an Act of the State Government on April 27, 1905. It has been modified since its creation, including through the Administrative Code of 1929 and a 1996 Act, which removed the requirement that the Secretary in charge of the PA Department of Health be a physician, as well as established the new position of Physician General.

The PA Department of Health touches every citizen in all parts of the Commonwealth, as the community-based strategies the Department of Health uses have successfully reduced the number of serious illnesses, injuries and deaths which have resulted from major health threats, tobacco-related diseases, infectious diseases, and accidental injuries.

Over the years since the PA Department of Health was created, the goals of the Department have been modified to involve monitoring the health status of the population, identifying and eliminating preventable illness and accidents, reducing the severity of illness and disability, promoting healthy behavior, leading the development of sound health policy and planning, and improving health care quality, access, continuity, and accountability. Other responsibilities of the PA Department of Health include promoting healthy lifestyles, preventing injury and disease, and assuring the safe delivery of quality health care to all Commonwealth citizens.  Contact Pennsylvania lawyers for legal advice and assistance.



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