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Iowa Department of Revenue

The Iowa Department of Revenue is an important agency devoted to the collection of taxes, processing, enforcement of Iowa law on tax, and education on everything regarding taxes for individuals and businesses.

The Iowa Department of Revenue has the option of online tax filing for both individuals and businesses. Often this is a preferred method because it helps to keep records of taxes filed secured, streamlines the process of taxes, and is a way in which individuals and businesses can do taxes on their own, as well as have access to important informational tools regarding taxes, exemptions, and various other components.

The Iowa Department of Revenue also offers classes regarding taxes. This is to educate individuals and professionals about taxes, what they are used for, why they are necessary to file, and various other necessary pieces of information.

Furthermore, the Iowa Department of Revenue has a website that is replete with information regarding each type of tax that is used in the State of Iowa. There is information regarding hazardous materials taxes, consumer use taxes, motor fuel taxes, corporation taxes, and various other kinds that might be important to specific groups of individuals or to the general population.

The Iowa Department of Revenue’s goal is to ensure accurate and prompt filing of taxes and to offer the general population the ability to become well versed in the understanding of how taxes are done and why it is imperative that they are paid. Another goal of the Department is to educate individuals on the repercussions of not paying taxes or of committing fraud of any type.