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A Guide to the Farm Service Agency

A Guide to the Farm Service AgencyWhat is the Farm Service Agency?

The Farm Service Agency is an agency apart of the USDA, which formed through the merger of several predecessor agencies, including the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service. This service was, as the Farm Service Agency is now, formally tasked with the implementation of farm conservation through the presence of regulations laws around the United States. The Farm Service Agency reports to the Secretary of Agriculture for arm and Foreign Agricultural Services.

Farm Service Agency Quick Facts:

The following details outline the administration of the Farm Service Agency:

The Farm Service Agency was established when the Department was reorganized in 1994

The headquarters of the Farm Service Agency are located in

The Farm Service Agency is responsible for the jurisdiction over

The head of the Farm Service Agency, operating under the title of administrator, is Jonathan Coppess, who was formally appointed in 2009.

The Farm Service Agency is also established on a local level; each state is led by a politically appointed State Executive Director.

Establishment of the Farm Service Agency:

The United States Congress established the Farm Service agency as a system that was federally created by administered locally. Farmers who are eligible to participate in the Farm Service’s numerous programs elect a three to five person county committee, which is responsible for reviewing county office operations and deliver decisions on how to apply appropriate programs. In essence, this grassroots approach gives farmers a much-needed say in how the actions of the Federal Government of the United States affect their particular communities and their individual operations.

Government Agency of the Executive Branch

Government agencies are defined as organizations, councils, and offices operating under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government of the United States of America; each federal agency retains specific administrative jurisdiction over specific facets latent within the operations of the United States Government.

The Farm Service Agency functions as a government agency under the Executive Branch of the United States government, which is comprised of 3 total branches; in addition to the Executive branch – which is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of operational legislation existing within the United States of America – there also exists the Legislative and Judicial Branches.