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Philadelphia Fire Department

The Philadelphia Fire Department provides Philadelphia with fire suppression services and additional emergency services. This fire department was first created in 1736. When it was first established, it was known as the Union Fire Company and operated on a voluntary basis.
As a result, individuals who worked as firefighters in this department were not compensated for their time. The Philadelphia Fire Department remained small for a number of years and expanded slowly. It was not until 1870 that the City Council determined it was necessary to develop a professional fire department to meet the needs of the growing city. As a result, an ordinance was passed and the Philadelphia Fire Department was created. Today, it is a successful fire department providing life-saving services to a large city.
The Emergency Medical Services division within the Philadelphia Fire Department is one of the busiest and most frequently contacted EMS services within the United States. This Department receives and responds to well over 200,000 emergency calls annually. A portion of these calls are fire related, while the remaining portion are handled by the Emergency Medical Services division.
The Philadelphia Fire Department is composed of many different fire stations, situated in locations throughout the city. The Department is divided into a number of different divisions, so that all situations and concerns can be handled effectively and in a timely manner. Philadelphia firefighters who have been killed in the line of duty are remembered at the Philadelphia Fire Department Memorial, which is situated in Franklin Square. 



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