Election Assistance Commission Overview

Election Assistance Commission Overview

Election Assistance Commission OverviewWhat is the Election Assistance Commission?

The Election Assistance Commission is an independent agency of the United States Government that was formally created by the passing of the Help America Vote Act of 2002. Through this legislation, the Election Assistance Commission serves as the national clearinghouse and resource of information center regarding election administration.
In alignment with these general characteristics, the Election Assistance Commission is responsible for administering payments to states and developing guidance to meet the requirements established in the Help America Vote Act. Furthermore, the Election Assistance Commission, is responsible for adopting voluntary voting system guidelines and accrediting voting system testing protocol to subsequently certify voting equipment throughout the United States.
In summation, the Election Assistance Commission is responsible to streamline and accurately gather all information concerning voting equipment to certify that votes are casted properly and efficiently throughout the country.

Responsibilities of the Election Assistance Commission:

The election Assistance Commission is responsible for fulfilling the following duties associated with elections:

The Election Assistance Commission must maintain and create the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines

Create a national program for the testing, certification and decertification of voting systems

Report to Congress every two years on the effects of the NVRA elections

Administer federal funds to States for HAVA requirements

Study and report best practices of the effective administration of voting equipment

Communicate information on laws, procedures, studies and data related to the administration of federal elections to those responsible for implementing election law and procedures, to the media and other persons of interest

Election Assistance Commission Quick Facts

The following details outline the administration of the Election Assistance Commission:

The Election Assistance Commission was founded in 2002

The headquarters of the Election Assistance Commission are located in Washington D.C.

The Election Assistance Commission operates with 44 employees and an annual budget of approximately $18 million

The Election Assistance Commission is responsible for the jurisdiction over public elections in the United States of America

The head of the Election Assistance Commission is Chair Donetta Davidson

What is an Independent Government Agency?

An independent agency of the United States Federal Government is a department or organization that exists outside of the federal executive departments or those headed by a Cabinet secretary. In a more specific sense, the term Independent Government Agency, is used to describe agencies that, while constitutionally operating within the executive branch, are free from presidential authority or control, as a result of the President’s limited membership within the agency.

Independent government agencies are established through separate statutes passed by the United States Congress; each respective statutory grant of authority will define the goals or mission that the agency must work towards, in addition to the substantive areas, if applicable, over which the Independent Agency may have the power of rulemaking. These agency regulations, when enforced, maintain the power of federal law.




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