Harvard University Police Department

Harvard University Police Department

Harvard University Police Department


Where is the Harvard University Police Department located?

The HUPD’s address is 1033 Massachusetts Avenue, Sixth Floor.  If you’re walking toward Central Square from the Holyoke Center, you’ll find the HUPD as you walk past the Crate and Barrel Furniture store. 

If you’re involved in an emergency, call 911 and you’ll be directed to the Cambridge Police Department or the Boston Police Department.  If you want to reach the HUPD directly, call (617) 495-1212. 

What types of crime does the Harvard University Police Department handle?

The HUPD handles the majority of crimes that happen on campus except for serious crimes like homicide.  About 95 percent of all crimes committed on campus involve property theft.  The HUPD still works with the Cambridge Police and Boston Police in most investigations though. 

What Should I do if I believe I’m being followed?

The Harvard University Police Department recommends that you trust your instincts.  If you suspect something is wrong, you’re probably right.  You can call a dispatcher using one of the phones on campus with a blue light.

You should also consider entering a public location like a restaurant or a heavily traveled part of campus.  The HUPD suggests that you program their phone number in your cell phone in case of an emergency. 

What should I do if I have lost a piece of property?

The Harvard University Police Department suggests you call the Property Custodian at (617) 495-1783.  The custodian will tell you if the lost property was turned in, and you can leave your contact information and description of the property for any future findings. 

What does the Harvard University Police Department suggest for scheduling a party?

The HUPD suggests that you visit the Office of Student Activities website or call the Dean’s Office at (49) 5-1558.  Remember, if you ever see anyone at a party who is very drunk, unconscious, and unresponsive, you need to call the HUPD right away at (617) 495-1212. 





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