Federal Aviation Administration Federal Aviation Administration Overview

Federal Aviation Administration Overview

Federal Aviation Administration Overview

Federal Aviation Administration
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for ensuring safety in the field of aviation. The FAA is concerned with all sectors of the aviation field, including commercial and private aviation. It has created regulations regarding the structure of aircrafts, the operation of these aircrafts, and the certification of pilots.

FAA Jobs
FAA employees work in a wide range of different fields. People who are employed in FAA jobs may work as aviation specialists, test pilots, aviation specialists, or environmental protection specialists. There are many different opportunities available within this government organization for individuals with a variety of backgrounds.

FAA Regulations
The FAA is responsible for ensuring the safety of the public, aircraft passengers, and pilots. In order to protect all individuals from harm, the FAA has developed extensive regulations. There are many different types of regulations that are enforced, including those related to the design and structure of aircrafts, as well as FAA weather regulations.

FAA Flight Delays

FAA flight delays are issued by the FAA when conditions are potentially hazardous and compromise the safety of operating a commercial aircraft. An FAA flight delay may be issued for a number of different reasons, including severe weather conditions, mechanical complications within the aircraft, or suspicious behavior exhibited by a passenger.

Civil Aviation Authority
Just as the FAA regulates the field of aviation in the United States, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is responsible for overseeing aviation in the United Kingdom. The CAA regulates all areas of aviation and is focused on ensuring that the operation of aircraft carriers remains safe for those involved, as well as the general public. 
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